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Shenandoah Area Council Officers

Under the leadership of a volunteer board made up of the Shenandoah Valley's top business and community leaders, the Shenandoah Area Council is the gold standard for non-profits in programmatic and financial strength.


J. Michael Williams Council President
Frank Armstrong, IV Council Commissioner
George E. Tabb, Jr. VP of District Operations
R. William Bayliss, III VP of Endowment
Harry S. Smith VP of Development
Don Louque, III VP of Marketing
Peter Dougherty VP of Membership
J. Michael Spory VP of Program
Mark D. Smith VP of Properties
Charles A. Bennett, Jr. VP of Relationships
Anthony Manzione VP of Risk Management
Wilborn Roberson Chairman of the Board & National Representative
J. David Griffin Legal Counsel
Roger B. Pierson, Jr. Summit Ambassador
Wayne Koehler Treasurer
Kimberly Gilbert-Toelle Assistant Treasurer
Damon Martin YPT Champion

Board of Directors

Sandra Anderson Frank Armstrong, IV Seth Chatfield
Michael A. Chellini, III Gary Chrisman Gerald Crowell
Stephen D. Gray Elizabeth A. Hackney Ann Hall
Richard Lewis H. Paige Manuel J. Ben Mathis
Joh Petrie Anthony Renner Jimmy Robertson
Chris Rucker Barry Rude Lynne Seibert-Steptoe
Steven R. Short Gerald F. Smith, Jr. Bradley Snowden
Jason Stedman Eric Stenger Kaden Stenger (Youth)
Teresa Sullivan James A. Thomas, Jr. Hanna Truax (Youth)
John Truban, Jr. James M. Winkfield, Jr. Justin Wyndham



107 Youth Development Court
Winchester, VA 22602

phone: 540-662-2551
fax: 540-662-2725

Hours of Operation:
10:00am - 5:30pm (M-F) 
10:00am - 2:00pm (2nd Sat. each month)
Closed (Sun.)

*For our closings, please see our Scout Shop page**