High Adventure

CRE High Adventure Programs

Did you know that CRE through the top adventure outfitters this side of the Mississippi, Team Link, offers some truly outstanding High Adventure programs right here in your own back yard?  Check out our new High Adventure video.  Our HA programs are open to both Adults and Boy Scouts that are physically fit, mentally sound, and crazy enough to sign up for Adventure at the Rock! To check out the video, click here.



National High Adventure Programs

Get out of the house and into the excitement offered at one of the BSA’s High Adventure Bases! You’ve got three choices: a unique aquatic quest at the Florida Sea Base, a canoeing or winter camping challenge at the Northern Tier, or a wild west backpacking expedition at the Philmont Scout Ranch. Click on the links below to check out each base.

  • Florida Sea Base
  • Northern Tier
  • Philmont
    • Registration is now open for Philmont 2016!
    • To register and for more information, click HERE
    • Click HERE for the Youth Flyer
    • Click HERE for the Adult Flyer


Shenandoah Area Council sends at least one contingent to one of the National High Adventure bases each year. For your troops or crews long range planning here is the Council's National High Adventure Contingent Calendar.  Normally recruitment for leaders and youth usually start 18-20 months out.

Shenandoah Area Council Contingent Calendar
National BSA High Adventure Bases
(Subject to change due to availability and demand)

2016 Philmont - 48 Slots
2017 Jamboree - 90 Slots (2 of troops  of 40 and 1 venturing patrol of 10)
2017 Northern Tier - 11 Slots
2017 Sea Base - 12 Slots
2018 Philmont - 48 Slots
2019 Sea Base - 24 Slots (12 - sailing, 12 scuba)
2020 Philmont - 48 Slots
2021 Jamboree - 90 Slots (2 of troops  of 40 and 1 venturing patrol of 10)

Northern Tier

The Bissett Program specializes in fresh water fishing, and remote wilderness canoe trips.  All crews fly by float plane to the Northern Tier canoe cache on Scout Lake, about thirty miles from Bissett, Manitoba Province, Canada.

Imagine – paddling unnamed lakes, shooting unmapped whitewater, portaging faint trails, accustomed only to moccasin, hoof or paw.

Imagine – camping on a site without sign of modern man, where firewood abounds, and your tent rests on foot-thick moss.

Imagine – glimpsing the elusive woodland caribou, casting after never fished-for pike, or discovering an unrecorded pictograph site.

You’ll find all that, AND MORE, in the Atikaki Wilderness where more than two million acres of un-crowded, not even fully explored, wilderness.

Sea Base 

Make a splash! Head to the Florida Keys and dive into an amazing Florida Sea Base adventure and wade into more excitement than you ever though possible. Snorkeling, SCUBA, boating, and beach camping are among the many possibilities.