Boy Scout Resident Camp

Summer camp at CRE is filled with fun and exciting adventure for Scouts of all ages. Our 877 acres of majestic forest in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia provide an unlimited supply of opportunities to make your unit’s stay at CRE an experience of a lifetime. Program is the cumulative total of all that a Scout does, sees, and learns during summer camp.

It is the job of the camp staff, troop leaders and parents to see that his experience involves some of all of the six key elements listed above. If we push only advancement and leave the rest to chance, we are doing a disservice to the young man we are trying to help. Our responsibility as Scout leaders is to be aware of the importance of all six elements of the program. We must also convey to parents and others that these are important parts of Scouting.

While we encourage each Scout to work toward advancing by earning merit badges and fulfilling rank requirements, we must, however guard against this becoming the primary purpose of camp. Instead, we need to work together to:

  • Strengthen boy leadership.

  • Build troop and patrol spirit.

  • Help each individual scout to have fun to learn, and to develop character

Check out the Camp Rock Enon High Adventure video, click here

 Leaders Guide


Camp Rock Enon is offering a Day-Only Camp Experience

This program will be offered:

Week of July 6 - 12
Week of July 13 - 20
Week of July 21 - 27
Week of July 28 - August 2

The times are 9am - 4pm

COST: $120 / week - includes LUNCH ONLY

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To Register for Boy Scout Resident Camp:

  • Click HERE for Week #1 (July 6 - 12)
  • Click HERE for Week #2 (July 13 - 19)
  • Click HERE for Week #3 (July 20 - 26)  **Week #3 is almost full** please call the Scout Office before reserving your space online**
  • Click HERE for Week #4 (July 27 - August 2)


To Register for High Adventure: 

Click HERE for the High Adventure Guide

  • Click HERE for High Adventure EXTRA (June 22 - June 28)
  • Click HERE for High Adventure ZEB (July 27 - August 2)
  • Click HERE for High Adventure BY THE DAY (July 24, 25, 30, 31 & August 1st)