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  • Get the Latest on (2014) Venturing and (2015) Cub Scout Program Changes
    Stay informed of the changes coming to Venturing in 2014 and Cub Scouting in 2015. As you’ve heard, there are material changes coming to Venturing in 2014 and Cub Scouting in 2015 that will energize these programs to make them more dynamic and relevant to today’s youth and families. The following resources exist to help you and your council stay current on the latest information as it is released.
  • New BSA Medical Forms
    Deciding which version of the BSA’s Annual Health and Medical Record you need shouldn’t raise your blood pressure.
  • Jason Wright - Our Speaker for the Volunteer Recognition Gala
    A bio on our speaker for this year:
  • Important Information for Life Scouts & Eagle Scouts
    The Bill of Rights Institute is excited to announce the launch of their BRAND NEW Eagle Scout Competition. The competition is open to high school students who are Eagle Scouts, or Life Scouts who are planning or implementing their Eagle Scout project. The competition asks applicants to answer two questions related to the Constitution and the Founding Principles for a chance to win $1,000!
  • Amazon Smile
    If you're doing your shopping from home because it's simply just too cold to go out, don't forget
  • Doing Our Fair Share
    It costs the Shenandoah Area Council over $250 per registered Scout to support a year of the Scouting Program for each youth. The Council can cover over $120 per regsitered Scout by Council Fundraising events, programs, and activity fees and the popcorn sales. We need the support of all of our units to help us reach our year financial goals to continue to put on a great program for our youth.
  • 2015 World Jamboree
    To attend the World Jamboree
  • What You Need to Know as a New Leader
    Watch this video on what you need to know as a new leader...
  • Follow Your Scout Executive on Twitter
    Follow Your Scout Executive on Twitter!
  • Memo From BSA National on Additional Insurance for Chartered Organizations
    To: Charter Organization Representatives Unit Committee Chairs Unit Leaders From: Mark Pennington, ASE/COO CC: Chip Bennett, Council Commissioner Stuart Williams, SE District Commissioners Field Staff Re: Memo from National BSA on Additional Insurance Protection for Chartered Organizations The below memo was sent to all BSA Chartered Organizations by National BSA. We are sending this to ensure that the Chartered Organization Key 3 are aware of the change. If you have any questions, feel free to contact either myself or Stuart Williams at 540.662.2551.
  • New MyScouting Tools
    New Features have been added to the MyScouting Tools:
  • Membership Fees Increase
    The Membership Fees increase to $24 starting January 1st, 2014. For more information, click here.
  • Important Adult Registration Information
    NEW & IMPORTANT Information about the "Scout Parent" position
  • Moving Forward....
    Moving Forward - Addressing Misinformation Regarding Membership Standards Policy. Please read this message from Gary Butler - The Assistant Chief Scout Executive - Operations
  • Mid Year Stakeholder's Report
    We are happy to report that your support to the Scouting program has seen Shenandoah Area Council experience one of the most successful periods of growth in impact in quite some time. In particular, the first half of 2013 proved what happens when a community rallies around a shared vision.