Has your unit held its Family Friends of Scouting Presentation? 

Our Council goal this year is $43,000 with

$10,000 from Potomac

$10,000 from Mannahoac

$15,000 from Shawnee

$8,000 from Shenrapawa

To sign up, please contact the below District Family FOS Chairs to schedule your presentation. 

Shenrapawa:  Steve Short (540.636.8893)

Potomac:  Shelley Dickerson (304.258.7869)

Mannahoac:  Jason Gilleland (540.955.2849)

Shawnee:  Liz Hackney (540.270.4142)

Doing Our Fair Share

It costs the Shenandoah Area Council over $250 per registered Scout to support a year of the Scouting Program for each youth.  The Council can cover over $120 per registered Scout by Council Fundraising events, programs, and activity fees and the popcorn sales.  We need the support of all of our units to help us reach our year financial goals to continue to put on a great program for our youth.


How is My Unit's Goal Set and How Do I Meet My Goal?

This year we are asking each unit to contribute "Their Fair Share" do our annual Family FOS Campaign.  A Unit's Fair Share to achieve its determined as follows:

  1. First, we will determine the number of Scouts in your unit based on the 2013 Charter Number.
  2. Then, we will take that number of Scouts and multiply it by $75.  This will give your  unit their base goal.


Recognition Plan

Unit:  Hold a Family Friends of Scouting Presentation by March 31 and receive:

  • FFOS Unit Streamer
  • Payment for Unit's $40 General Liability Fee on the 2015 Recharter
  • Reach unit goal and 10% of total raised will be set aside to be used on purchases in the Council Scout Shop, registration, or any council activity/event

Families:  Become a Family Friend of Scouting and receive:

  • Return a Pledge Card and get a Council Shoulder Strip "FOS Helpful" magnet
  • Make a $75 contribution and receive a collector's Blue Border Council Shoulder Strip "FOS Helpful"
  • Make a $300 contribution and receive a collector's Silver Border Council Shoulder Strip "FOS Helpful"