Aaron Tweedie, a prior scout from Troop 52, and his children Elvis (Troop 4), Gabriel (Pack 118) , and Reagan who are themselves scouts have stepped up to the plate trying to help local non-profits in the Shenandoah Valley in their regular course of business. This month the Tweedie scouts have launched a kickstarter campaign to introduce the Kid-PACK. It’s a sling style backpack for kids aged 4-12 with changeable Velcro morale patches. The concept of the Kid-PACK came from the Tweedie children, who saw the success of Aaron’s last campaign for the Man-PACK.

After reading an article in the Northern Va Daily about Shen-Paco losing an important part of its funding, he decided to take action and reach out to this non-profit by providing them an opportunity to play a role in the manufacture and packaging of the Kid-PACK. He also reached out to Blue Ridge Opportunities in Front Royal. Shen-Paco and Blue Ridge Opportunities are two organizations that provide paid work experience to special needs adults. “It gives them something productive to do so they can earn a paycheck. It helps them, and it helps me. It’s a win-win” said Tweedie.

Tweedie also wanted to benefit a youth focused non-profit organization to benefit from the campaign. He chose the Shenandoah Area council of BSA.

5% of the Kid-PACK kickstarter proceeds will be donated to the Shenandoah Area Council. “I considered a few different organizations to benefit. After enough thought, I concluded: I was a scout, my kids are scouts, and I believe in the values of scouting. There are very few youth focused oraganizations that teach God, family, and country. Not to mention the  character building aspect of the instruction. What I like about scouting is that the young men learn practical education in terms of first aid, navigation, etc, and also life skills that define their character and affect who they become as adults.”

Tweedie is doing good while doing business. That’s a scout. The Kid-PACK campaign runs through May 31st on kickstarter.com. He has starter a hashtag campaign (#10KCHALLENGE), to find 10,000 supporters for the Kid-PACK in the next 30 days. A tall order for even a large company. We asked him how he planned to accomplish this feat. He replied “Just… do your best.”
Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/375407594/introducing-kid-pack-made-in-usa