November 13, 2013

To:  BSA Chartered Organizations

CC:  Scout Executives, Cabinet, Regional Directors, Area Directors, Regional Operations

Subject:  Additional Insurance Protection for Chartered Organizations

As you know, the Boy Scouts of America has been providing Chartered Organizations general liability insurance for covered claims resulting from engaging young people and volunteer leaders in the Scouting Program.

We are pleased to inform you a resolution providing indemnification (additional protection against loss or damage) for Chartered Organizations related to following Boy Scouts of America membership standards was reviewed and passed at the October 30, 2013 meeting of the BSA National Board.

In addition to maintaining and providing general liability insurance, the BSA will now also defend and indemnify employees, directors, officers, members and volunteers of a Chartered Organization who act in good faith against whom claims are asserted based upon following BSA membership standards.

While we do not anticipate claims, the board was pleased to provide this additional protection for our Chartered partners to help all in reaching and engaging young people in the fun, adventures, and life enhancing values of Scouting.

This indemnification became effective immediately and covers claims, if any, going forward but would not apply to conduct or occurrences prior to adoption of the resolution.

If you have any questions regarding the Q&A document please contact Lee Shaw, BSA Team Leader Business Development/Membership Impact at

If you have any questions regarding coverage, please contact Mark Dama, BSA Risk Management Team Leader at