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Scouting Programs

Cub Scouts
Ages:  7 - 10 years

The Cub Scout program consists of Tiger Cubs, Wolf Scouts, and Bear Scouts.  After achieving the Bear Scout requirements, the Scouts begin the Webelos (WE’ll BE Loyal Scouts) program.  Cub Scouts are divided into smaller groups of about 8 – 10 boys called a den, which meet several times a month during the school months.  Once each month, all of the dens meet together at a central location for the Pack Meeting.  This is where den leaders will present the boys with their latest ranks and activity badges.

Tiger Cubs is the introduction to the scouting program for boys in the first grade, or 7 years old.  It is an exciting program that opens up the world to curious minds while working with their adult partner.  There are 5 Tiger Cub achievement areas and the Tiger Cub completes 15 requirements within these areas to earn the Tiger Cub Badge.  The scout and his adult partner enjoy an exciting series of indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy in the first grade.

As the boys reach 2nd and 3rd grade, they become cub scouts (Wolf and Bear ranks).  The boys continue to work with their den, along with their parents, to achieve the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:

1. Character Development
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Good Citizenship
4. Sportsmanship & Fitness
5. Family Understanding
6. Respectful Relationships
7. Personal Achievement
8. Friendly Service
9. Fun & Adventure
10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

As Webelos Scouts, boys in the 4th and 5th grade prepare to join a Boy Scout Troop.  The scouts work more independently with their dens while learning outdoor skills and participating in 20 different activity badges.  By 5th grade, the boys start taking on more responsibility and tasks in order to reach the goal of ‘Arrow of Light’, the highest honor a Cub Scout can earn.

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Boy Scouts
Ages:  11 - 17 years

Boy Scouts is a program for boys ages 11 – 17 and is designed to achieve the core objectives of strengthening character, personal fitness, and good citizenship through a vigorous outdoor program and peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster. 

When a new scout joins, he first earns the Scout rank to show that he has joined the troop and is participating in the troop activities.  He is learning new skills and enjoying outings with his troop and gains the Tenderfoot rank, followed by 2nd Class and 1st Class.  By the time the scout has reached 1st Class, he has become proficient in the skills necessary to handle himself outdoors and begin teaching new scouts.  As a 1st Class scout he continues through the ranks by performing service deeds and earning merit badges in areas that interest him and new areas to explore to reach a higher rank.  As the scout grows in skill, he becomes more confident and responsible and moves into the role of a leader.

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Venture Scouts
Ages:  14 - 20 years

Venture Scouts is a program for young men and women boys ages 14 (and completed 8th grade) – 20 and provides positive experiences to help scouts mature and prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. 

Venture Crews are established by local community organizations by matching their resources to the interests of young people in the area.  The result is an exciting program with meaningful activities that help the area youth pursue special interests, develop leadership skills, and become good citizens.  Venturing includes high-adventure activities, sports, and hobbies for young adults that teach them leadership skills, provide opportunities to each others, and give them an opportunity to learn and grow in a supporting, caring, and fun environment.

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Varsity Scouts
Ages:  14 - 17 years

Varsity Scouts is a program for boys ages 14 – 17 and provides rugged high adventure or challenging sports activities, in addition to the advancement opportunities and values of the Boy Scouts of America. 

The five fields of emphasis in Varsity Scouting are Advancement, High Adventure/Sports, Personal Development, Service, and Special Programs/Events.

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Explorer Logo

Explorer Scouts
Ages: 14 – 20 years

Explorer Scouts is a program for young men and women boys ages 14 (and completed 8th grade) – 20 and provides experiences that help young people mature and prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.  

Explorer Scouts is a worksite-based program of ‘Learning for Life’ career education program.  Explorer Posts have a focus on a single career field, such as police, fire/rescue, health, law, engineering, or the like.  The five areas of emphasis of the Exploring programs are career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience. 

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  Adult Volunteers
Volunteer adult leaders serve at all levels of Scouting from the unit level to the district level.   We are looking for help with the following committees.

Advancement: Helps unit leaders establish and maintain proper advancement procedures in their units. They also establish and maintain advancement records of unit leaders within the district. Plus they help recruit and train an adequate group of merit badge counselors and they put on the District Recognition Dinner.

Camping and Activities: Promote unit participation in council camping activities. Help develop the leadership for the day camp for the district. Provide guidance of safety and health concerns of our outdoor programs. Establish host for all district activities. Help to provide civic service functions for units to participate in.

Finance: Obtain and understand the district portion of funds to be raised toward the council budget. Organize successful friends of scouting campaign annually to help raise the funds. Inform and maintain units finance control. Maintain the prospect and evaluation list of potential givers.

Membership: To provide a constant growth of the districts current membership complying with the goals of the district provided by council. They accomplish this by, cultivating relationships with community organizations, and organizing units from them. They also help to maintain youth in current units.

Training: Promote training in all aspects of Scouting. Provide training opportunity to all individuals, groups of individuals, and units that require it. To maintain a list of volunteers and what they are trained in.  Cultivate a list of new individuals to become trainers, and help them get to be trainers.

For more information: If you would like more information on how to sign your child up or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact  the Scout Office at 540-662-2551or at