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Click HERE for Easy-To-Use Instructions on how to sync!

Scoutbook vs. Scoutbook Lite.  You can think of Scoutbook Lite as the ‘no frills – data entry’ version and Scoutbook as the ‘full featured’ unit management application; both writing to the same database.


Scoutbook is paid software (about $1.00 per Scout) that units can use, but are not required to use.  It has capabilities to track advancement, upload videos or photos, send messages, and plan activities.  UNITS THAT ARE CURRENTLY SUBSCRIBED TO SCOUTBOOK ARE REQUIRED TO ACTIVATE THEIR ADVANCEMENT SYNC BY THE END OF THE MONTH OR LOSE THEIR CAPABILITY TO APPROVE ADVANCEMENTS WITHIN THE SOFTWARE.  If a unit hasn't signed up for Scoutbook and uses a different tracking method, they do not need to worry about this or do anything.  


Scoutbook Lite is not an upgrade nor a replacement for Scoutbook.  It will be a replacement for Internet Advancement and will only have the capabilities of Internet Advancement when first released.  SCOUTBOOK LITE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR A FEW MONTHS.  It will be free to use.  There will be plenty of information communicated prior to its release. Units that use Scoutbook will not be using Scoutbook Lite.


For more information on Scoutbook Lite, please reference:  



Below is the link in which your units can sync their advancements through the new Scout Book Lite system. This should be completed by the end of the month. Note there is a support link below which can assist those units which may be using any other advancement software programs like TroopMaster, PackMaster, etc. As long as those software programs have CSV files, they can be successfully imported to the new Scout Book Lite

There is a synchronization step that current units need to complete by the end of the month to have advancement work for them. More information here: - if you have questions about the advancement sync, you can email:  Manage

How to Activate Your Unit For the Advancement Sync



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