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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol 93

Highlighted Features of the Week - Participant Instruction

A new feature we recently added gives Administrators the ability to create instruction text for an event. This text shows up at the top of the participants page during an event registration. You set the text by clicking on Participant Instructions in the left column when configuring an event in Event Details. 

Saved Search Feature 

A feature now available to everyone allows you to save a search of profile records and send out a Comm Center email to the results of that search. Member searching is found by going to Member Management-> Search, Display & Modify Members. Once your search is completed, click on Save Search and name the search. You can then go to Comm Center, create a message and click on Add Recipients. One of the options will be "From Saved Membership Searches", which will show the new group you just named.

Year-End Fundraising

Be sure your year-end fundraising is now in place. With Doubleknot you can send out Holiday eCards, enable upsell reminders on events, and for those using the shopping cart, turn on the integrated donation feature. And most importantly, be sure your donation link can be easily found near the top of your website home page, so that it's easy for last minute donors to contribute before Dec 31st at midnight (in order to get a 2012 tax write-off).  

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Doubleknot, LLC
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