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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 114

Server Upgrade Planned

Some of you have no doubt noticed we have had some issues with our servers this past week. Our apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused. Increased third-party scanning of our servers and a low-level software issue, combined with normal seasonal volume to cause this issue.

We have made a number of changes to correct the situation and are planning a server upgrade next week to further remedy the issue. We will communicate the exact schedule early next week and will conduct the upgrade in the middle of the night, when it will be least disruptive.

Tip of the Week: How to Create a New Administrator
Here are the steps on how to create new administrators in Doubleknot:
  • Click on Member Management.
  • Click on New Member.
  • At a minimum, enter the first and last names and an email address. Since they are to be administrators, click both the Turn on Default Privileges and Member Logon boxes at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click Add/Update to save the profile. Since you checked the Member Logon box, the system will email the person a User Id and Password.
    • When they log in for the first time, they will be asked to change their password.
  • Click OK from the Logon Access Information page, then Go Back which brings you back to the Member Management page.
  • Click on User Permissions to assign the appropriate access rights to the new user. Access can be granted to each Doubleknot feature.
    • Some features, such as Manage Events, have permission levels for reports, read, update, create, delete and administrator. These are ordered from lowest access (reports) to highest access (administrator). You only need to select one level, as the higher right automatically gives the admin all the lower level ones.  
  • Once you’re done assigning permissions click on Save Changes to complete the process.

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Doubleknot, LLC
20665 Fourth Street, Suite 103 | Saratoga, CA | 95070
Phone (408) 971-9120 | Fax (408) 741-1000 | Doubleknot@doubleknot.com
© 2016 Doubleknot, LLC All rights reserved.