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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 123

Links to Doubleknot (URLs)

Next Thursday night (7/25), we are planning to implement a change to the way URLs are resolved on our servers. At that point, you will not be able to use any URLs starting with www.doubleknot.com.

If we host your website, links need to be changed to your domain name (for example www.yourorg.com) instead of www.doubleknot.com.

If we don't host your site, and you are just linking to us, links need to be changed to your domain root followed by doubleknot.com. For example, a domain www.myorg.com would need to be changed to myorg.doubleknot.com where myorg is the domain root.  

Please take the time now to change these links. We held a webinar earlier this month to explain the changes (click here for the video). After reviewing the video, if you have additional questions, please contact us at doubleknot@doubleknot.com.

Tip of the Week - Setting Up Recurring Events

Doubleknot supports two different ways to set up recurring events: using the Frequency options when you create or edit an event, and using the Copy command at the Manage Events page.

The Frequency options are best suited for setting up simple events that occur on a regular basis. If you set up a recurring event using the Frequency options, any additional settings for the event (such as payment schedules, assigned forms, prerequisites, etc.) will not be created for the recurrences of the event.

If you want to create recurring events that maintain the first event’s complete configuration, use the Copy command on the Manage Events page. When you copy an event, you have the option to copy all of its settings, including forms, payment schedules, discounts, prerequisites, asset schedules, and asset relationships.

Answer of the Week - Marking Merit Badge Completion

A support question we get a lot this time of year is how to mark the completion requirements for merit badge activities. Here's the answer in a nutshell:

  • If you want to indicate that the participant has completed all requirements, check either the Attended box or the Check All box.
  • If you want to indicate they only completed specific requirements, check only those individual requirements. If you check the Attended box, the system will report that they met all requirements.

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