Historic Trails Program

The Mason-Dixon Historic Trails program was organized by the former Mason-Dixon Council, to provide additional outdoor program opportunities for its many members and friends. It consists of an awards program that provides recognition for participants after they have hiked each of the four trails described. A medal of achievement is available after all four of the individual trail emblems have been earned.

Guide books, emblems, and medals are available by calling 301-739-1211, or visiting the Shenandoah Area Council Hagerstown Scout Shop. The guidebook provides complete details concerning trail access, maps, camping, facilities, and other pertinent information.

C & O Canal Historic Trail

The entire Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Historic Trail is 184.5 miles in length, but only the crossed flags segment representing 64.5 miles, must be traveled to qualify for the Mason-Dixon Trails Award. The trek along the C&O Canal will familiarize the walker with a method of transportation that played a major role in the development of the Northeastern United States. The distance between Hancock, MD (mile 124.5) and Sandy Rock, MD (mile 60), may be covered by hiking or biking the Canal towpath, or by canoeing the Potomac River adjacent to the Canal. The total distance may be hiked on more than one outing if desired. The C&O Canal guidebook, "184 Miles of Adventure" provides complete details and is available at the Shenandoah Area Council Hagerstown Scout Shop. A tour permit is required and notification should be sent to the Superintendent, C&O Canal National Historical Park, Sharpsburg, MD 21782.

The Shenandoah Area Council Hagerstown Scout Shop sells, "184 Miles of Adventure", all 5 segments for the C&O Canal, C&O Canal emblem, and the C&O Canal medal.

Forbes Road Historic Trail

Attention: Forbes Road Trail is CLOSED and is no longer recognized as it has been deemed unsafe due to the now on-road route and traffic conditions.

Antietam Battlefield Historic Trail

The 10.5-mile hike across the historic Antietam Battlefield is designed to help participants become familiar with the locations and descriptions of the fateful events which occurred on the battlefield in 1862. It stands yet, as the bloodiest single day's action in American Military History. Hiking this trail affords the hiker the unusual privilege of retracing the path of history over terrain that appears much like it did one hundred years ago. All hikers must start the tail walk by reporting to the Battlefield Visitor Center, located one mile north of Sharpsburg, MD on Maryland Route 65.

Appalachian Trail

This designated section of the famed Appalachian Trail is 44 miles in length, and presents the hiker with the challenge of hiking a portion of this 2,167 mile overland trail. The trail follows the Appalachian ridges, generally running parallel to the East Coast of the United States, from Maine to Georgia. The "Mason-Dixon" section runs along the eastern edges of Franklin County, PA and Washington County, MD. (Potomac River, Maryland to Camp Penn, just northeast of Waynesboro, PA)