SAC Mason-Dixon Website Transition


Q: I have an account at; What happens to all my records?
A: For all users with a Tentaroo account at, we encourage you to log into your account and download any data you want to retain no later than October 1. At the council level, we anticipate the ability to access records for archival purposes for many months down the road.

Q: I have a Mason-Dixon unit account; how can we migrate all members in our group profile?
A: For all Mason-Dixon Scouting Units with a Tentaroo account at, we are working with Tentaroo support to import your unit account profile to Once this is complete, we will notify each unit with their new account login.

Q: I have a Mason-Dixon individual account; how should I proceed with a new account?
A: For all Mason-Dixon individuals with a Tentaroo account at, we welcome you to create a new account at

Q: What benefits will the new system provide to users?
A: The new system will integrate all Shenandoah Area Council events into one streamlined platform. Scouting units and individuals will use one account to register for events at,, and It will provide all users with a one-stop shop to register online for all their Scouting events, from summer camp to off-season camping at Camp Rock Enon and Camp Sinoquipe and much much more.

We invite you to send any questions or feedback via the form below.