National Order of the Arrow Conference

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is a gathering of members from the Order of the Arrow. NOAC is held every two years and serves as a platform for Arrowmen to come together, share ideas, participate in training sessions, engage in various activities, and celebrate the traditions and values of the OA.

During NOAC, participants have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, and training sessions on a wide range of topics related to leadership, service, outdoor skills, Native American culture, and more. These educational programs are designed to enhance the participants' understanding of their roles within the OA and provide them with valuable skills they can apply in their local Scout units and communities.

In addition to the educational aspect, NOAC offers a range of recreational activities and events. These may include sports competitions, ceremonies, Native American dancing and drumming exhibitions, patch trading, and social events. NOAC also typically features prominent speakers, special guests, and exciting shows and performances that add to the overall experience.

The 2024 NOAC will be hosted at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The university's campus will serve as the central location for most activities, including seminars, training sessions, and recreational events. And, Arrowmen get to stay on campus in the dorms during the week! The Lodge Contigent cost of NOAC is $1,500. We should have the final costs in a couple weeks as we are working with other VA Lodges and the Mason-Dixon Council to share in transportation to reduce the transportation costs. There is no registration limit, however the Lodge's Goal is to have enough adults for YPT that at least one more youth than adult attend.

To sign up there is a $100 non-refundable deposit.

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  • 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference
    July 29, 2024 to August 03

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