2026 National Scout Jamboree

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! There’s a National Jamboree coming in 2026

Join Scouts and Scouters of the Shenandoah Area Council as part of the Council’s National Jamboree Contingent and experience Scouting’s largest national event – The National Scout Jamboree.

When and Where:

July 22-31, 2026

The Summit Bechtel Reserve, Glen Jean, WV


The current estimated 2026 National Jamboree cost for youth and adults is unknown at this time. For reference, our 2023 National Jamboree cost was $1,650.00 per participant.

Besides the Jamboree experience itself, there are many costs that are incurred in preparation for the event. These costs include (but may not be limited to):

  • National Jamboree Event Fee
  • Bus transportation to and from the Jamboree with dedicated bus drivers
  • Jamboree Gear and Equipment (T-Shirts, Patch Set, Unit Numerals, Troop Flag, backpack, dufflebag)
  • Jamboree Training Events and Meetings

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule may be similar to our 2023 National Jamboree payment schedule which consists of an initial deposit of when you first sign up, and four (4) additional payments projected to be due in July 2025, October 2025, January 2026, and April 2026.

More details to come Fall 2024

Visit https://jamboree.scouting.org/ for the latest information and FAQs.

What is the National Jamboree?

Jamboree is more than a destination. It’s the adventure of lifetime. And there is simply nothing else like it on the planet.

What’s a Jamboree? It’s not camp. National Jamboree is 360-degrees of fun, friends and fellowship with hands-on adventure that takes you places you never thought you’d go and challenge you to try things you never thought you could.

It’s the beginning of your own heroes’ journey that will challenge you to go farther than you ever thought possible. You’ll reach deeper and lift yourself higher to become the best version of yourself.

Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts, leaders, and Jamboree Service Team members that showcases everything that is great about the Boy Scouts of America. Over the course of 10 summer days, once every four years, the Boy Scouts of America gathers together. Scouts and Scouters who attend will explore all kinds of adventures—stadium shows, pioneer village, Mount Jack hikes, adventure sports and more—in the heart of one of nature’s greatest playgrounds. With 10,000 acres at the Summit to explore, there’s no shortage of opportunities to build Scouting memories.

National Jamboree is the best of Scouting rolled into 10 days of friends, fun and adventure! You won’t want to miss out, get ready to Face the Challenge and sign up to attend the Jamboree!

For most Scouts the National Jamboree is a once-in-a-lifetime event; it only occurs once every 4 years and the minimum age for participation is 12! This event is open to all youth involved in Scouts BSA and adults may attend as participants.

Shenandoah Area Council Contigent

The Shenandoah Area Council will form enough Jamboree Contingents to allow our Scouts an opportunity to attend the 2026 National Jamboree. The Contingent may comprise of troops of 40 (36 youth and 4 adult leaders) and patrols of 10 (8 youth and 2 adult leaders). Units may include Male Troops, Female Troops, and Venturing Crews.

We will have a minimum of 4 adult leaders per troop to fill the leadership positions of Scoutmaster, First Assistant Scoutmaster, Second Assistant Scoutmaster, and Third Assistant Scoutmaster. When less than the full troop, we will have a minimum of 2 adult leaders per patrol to fill the leadership positions.

Youth Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a currently registered SAC member of a Scouts BSA Troop or Venturing Crews.
  • Be at least age 12 by the first day of the Jamboree but have not reached age 18 by the last day of the Jamboree.
  • Be approved by the unit leader and Shenandoah Area Council.
  • Meet all BSA medical screening and BMI requirements.
  • Participate in the Jamboree meetings and Shakedown Events

Adult Eligibility Requirements

Adult Jamboree participants are selected by the Council Jamboree Committee after a review process and interview. Application does not guarantee selection as a Jamboree adult leader. An expectation of Jamboree leadership is that they will help actively recruit youth participants to fill contingent spaces.

Scouts BSA Leaders

  • Be a currently registered SAC adult leader of a Scouts BSA Troop. Jamboree Scoutmaster candidates must be currently serving as a Scoutmaster.
  • Have completed all required training for your registered position.
  • Complete Youth Protection Training within one year of the first day of the Jamboree.
  • Complete First Aid/CPR/Wilderness First Aid Training
  • Be approved by the Shenandoah Area Council.
  • Meet all BSA medical screening and BMI requirements.
  • Attend the monthly Jamboree planning meetings
  • Participate in the Jamboree meetings and Shakedown Events

  • 2026 National Scout Jamboree
    July 22, 2026 to July 31