OA Brotherhood at Camp Rock Enon

Check-In: 5-8 pm in Buffalo Lodge on Friday. Please note that EVERYONE must check in upon arrival. 

Schedule: Activities will conclude on Sunday by 10am. A complete schedule of activities will be provided at check-in. There is a patch auction Saturday evening. Chapter Officer elections are scheduled for Sunday. 

Parking: All vehicles will park in the designated parking area. Any trailers may remain at the campsite. Minors who drive to camp MUST turn over their car keys at check-in. For safety purposes, NO ONE is to leave camp without checking out with a member of the Key Three. 

Equipment: Each participant should bring their own equipment, personal gear, and TENT! 

Medical Form: A current BSA Annual Health & Medical form is required for each participant and is to be submitted upon arrival at CRE. Only Parts A & B are required. 


  • $0 per Annual Pass Holder and New Arrowmen*
  • $35.00 per Brother (you are a current Ordeal*, Brotherhood, or Vigil Member) 
  • $64.00 per Brotherhood Candidate

*If you are a new Ordeal member (completed your Ordeal after August 1, 2023) and have not previously attended a Shenshawpotoo Lodge event, this is considered your activation event, and your cost is $0.

My Brothers,

If you are already a Brotherhood or Vigil Member, or even a brand new Ordeal member ( < 6 months), then you know many hands make light work as we strive to make ready for summer camp. As always we will have good food, fun and fellowship, and even another patch auction! For those who are not yet able to attend the Brotherhood ceremony, there will be OA-related activities to attend during the Brotherhood Ceremony.

If you have not sealed your membership in the Order of the Arrow by obtaining your Brotherhood, you have not completed your induction journey that began months ago with your election by your peers. You then went through your Ordeal where you learned the basics of the Order during a weekend of challenges – spending time in reflection, hard work, and having only scant food to rely on, you found that deep within you there is a spark that your fellow Scouts could glimpse. You were given tools to help fan that spark into a flame and now is the time for it to reach full blaze! If you have been an Ordeal member for 6 months or more, you should:

  • Register for Spring Brotherhood Weekend!
  • Prepare yourself for the Brotherhood Challenges, you’ll find them in your OA Handbook.
  • Draft your letter to the Lodge Chief describing how you will contribute to the Lodge, our Camp, and your Unit.
  • Come ready to work again as we get Camp Rock Enon ready for the summer camp season.
  • Finally, come prepared to vote and maybe even run for your Lodge Officers for the coming year.

If you wish to serve as a Nimat, please contact our Third Vice Chief, Marcos Nieves to get training at mmarcos091815@gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!!!

  • Registration Opens: March 2, 2024
  • Late Fee Begins: May 10, 2024
  • Registration Closes: May 17, 2024