Ten Ways You Can Support Scouting

  1. Enroll your children in Scouting.
  2. They will enjoy the new experience, meet new friends, and have fun learning life skills you as a parent can be Proud Of. www.beascout.org or call 540-662-2551.

  1. Become a BSA volunteer.
  2. With the enormous time pressures in their lives, your child needs your attention and time well spent.  Whether you volunteer as a den leader, Scoutmaster, or merit badge counselor, Scouting will be worth your limited time and your efforts will benefit the entire family and your community. http://www.scouting.org/Volunteer.aspx

  1. Tell your neighbors and friends about Scouting.
  2. Spread the word about Scouting.  Youth love Scouting and its activities, but it is even better with friends. Promote and Post your adventures on social media.

  1. Get your place of worship involved in Scouting.
  2. Churches, synagogues, and mosques are great places for Scouting.  The Boy Scouts of America supports the strong ideals and values that families are looking for today and can only enhance a family’s experience at worship.

  1. Write a letter to your local newspaper.
  2. The Boy Scouts is a great organization that builds character, values and gives once in a lifetime experiences.  So tell others about it.  Share your positive experiences first hand!!

  1. Help write Grants.
  2. Help search and find needs in the community that the Boy Scouts can help meet.  Several organizations have grants available to groups willing to take on special projects. 

  1. Write your local school board members and principals.
  2. Thank them for the opportunity to use their facilities for Scouting, and emphasize the great things a partnership with local Scouts can do for their school.  Express your desires to see the school more engaged as a partner with Scouting to educate our youth.  Parents that are willing to speak up and request needs are far more powerful.

  1. Call your local Business Leaders and Community Officials.
  2. Tell them how much you appreciate what Scouting as an organization is doing for the community to help build tomorrow’s leaders.  The more you help spread the word, the more the community will support Scouting – helping reduce the cost to our families.

  1. Organize a Scout color guard for local athletic events or city council meetings.
  2. It is important for people to see Scouting as a meaningful and vital part of the community.  This is a great way to show patriotism and community impact.

  1. Financially support a youth or activity.
  2. Everyone who shares BSA’s strong values should be able to participate in Scouting.  It cost almost $300.00 per youth per year to operate a quality program with qualified and trained leaders.  A contribution to Scouting will offer opportunities and change a life. Donate Now