Keep Scout Alive During COVID

Keeping Scouting Alive in Tough Times

A note from Mark Larson, our Area 7 Commissioner

Council Commissioners:

As things wind down in society for a while, please find ways to encourage units to continue meeting in some form. There are many ways to do this through technology - some are simple and some are more sophisticated. The link below spells out clear instructions for the most common ways to keep connected without being in the same room. 

I am really concerned that leaders will opt to shut things down for the season. It could have a devastating affect on the kids and unit retention. Please share the link below with your district leaders and let me know of ideas and ways units are staying connected.

The same applies to district Roundtables. I know of a few districts that have a "pre-RT chat" and also broadcast their Roundtable via Facebook Live.  Can I ask that districts make some attempt at a virtual RT program in April with a few leaders - socially separated of course. The instructions are also within the article above. If attempting this, spread the word well in advance so you get a good audience.

Finally, this is a VERY important time for commissioners to be reaching out to leaders; encouraging them and finding out their plans to keep Scouting active in the next couple months. Scouting is important to our youth and it is one way to keep some normalcy in their lives.

Thanks for what each of you are doing at this time.